Peter McCulloch

Peter McCulloch MD FRCSed FRCS(Glas)


Peter McCulloch

Peter has been Reader (Assistant Professor) in surgery at University of Oxford since 2004.  He graduated from Aberdeen University and underwent surgical and academic training in Glasgow, before becoming Senior Lecturer at Liverpool University in 1992.  His early research work was on cancer metastasis and gastrectomy technique, however he has since become interested in patient safety, and founded the QRSTU research group, which is dedicated to studies of quality and safety interventions in surgery.


Peter’s personal interest in Evidence Based Medicine dates back to 1996, and he has been a faculty member at the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine in Oxford since then.  He has thought, written, and debated about the difficulties of evaluating surgical and interventional techniques over this time, and has developed a number of ideas about how the current paradigm could be radically reformed.  In 2009 Peter was part of a group (the Balliol Colloquium) which published three papers in the Lancet setting out a diagnosis, analysis, and recommendations for therapy of the problems perceived.  In 2010 he hosted a meeting at Rhodes House, Oxford, to develop a programme for action on the ideas set forth in the Balliol papers.  He is currently engaged in two activities leading on from this.  First, the establishment of a group to promote and refine the use of the new framework for surgical innovation (IDEAL Collaboration).  Second, the establishment of a specific Surgical and Interventional Trials Unit to test, implement, and troubleshoot some of the new study designs and reporting formats proposed by the IDEAL Collaboration. 

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