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The research interests of our women principal investigators

Claire EdwardsClaire Edwards

Cancer; cancer diagnostics (biomarkers and imaging); cancer therapeutics (including biologicals) and vaccines; cellular mechanisms (including tumour microenvironment, angiogenesis and metastasis); molecular mechanisms; endocrine action in cancer; haematology; cell biology and microscopy; cellular and molecular biology in musculoskeletal systems; genetics and epigenetics musculoskeletal oncology; musculoskeletal oncology; musculoskeletal sciences (direct-entry); surgical sciences.

Clare VerrillClare Verrill

Molecular pathology; design of protocols for tissue-handling; urology; tissue banking for cancer; tissue microarrays (TMA); epithelial mesenchymal transformation in prostate cancer; digital pathology, image analysis and algorithm development; unsupervised machine learning in prostate and other cancers.

Kokila LakhooKokila Lakhoo

Global health; fetal counselling; neonatal surgery; paediatric tumour surgery; paediatric thoracic surgery; specialist gastrointestinal surgery.


Valentine MacaulayValentine Macaulay

Cancer biology; prostate cancer, cell signalling, insulin-like growth factors (IGFs); IGF receptor; nuclear IGF receptor; translational research; cancer treatment; mechanisms of treatment resistance; clinical trials; targeted therapy.



Our women researchers/postgraduate students

Alaa Alzhrani Sandy Figiel Aleksandra Krepa Daisy Ryan
Nora Atallah Beatriz Gamez Molina Jinseon (Selena) Kim Kaithlyn Rozenberg
Katarzyna Bera Gabriella Hakim Letizia Lo Faro Sushma Shankar
Catherine Boffa Siobhan Mackenzie Hall Catherine Lovegrove Sarah Short
Heide Brandhorst Joanna Hester Anette Magnussen Marie Sion
Lucia Cerundolo Sarah Howles Irene Mosca Rebecca Spiers
Linshan Chu Katherine Hurst Ann Ogbemudia Helen Stark
Alison Clarke Megan Jones Amy Paterson Avigail Taylor
Amy Cross Maria Kaisar Liset Penge Rebecca vaughan
Sarah Cross Zeynep Kaya Ninu Poulose Katie Webster
Helen Cui Laima Khan Saydia Razak Sabrina Wright
Laurie Earl Roba Khundkar Reena Ravikumar