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The NDS Self-Assessment Team (SAT) is a multi-disciplinary team comprised of staff and students from all aspects of the department. The principal aim of the SAT has been to guide the department in its preparation and submission of an Athena SWAN Silver award application.The team coordinate the research, planning and outcomes that will enable us to make positive changes to the way we support staff, including women scientists, in the department. The SAT reports to the NDS Management Board, in which three members of the team sit on the Management Board.

Our members

NamePositionSAT ResponsibilityBackground
Claire Edwards Associate Professor Athena SWAN Academic Lead. Balancing full-time academic career with young family. Her husband, also a full-time academic, have two children at primary school.
James FitzGerald Associate Professor Representing senior academic clinical researchers. West Wing site representative. Full-time academic since 2012. His wife is a PI within the University.
Alison Halliday Professor Representing senior academic clinical researchers. Senior academic researcher, works flexible working patterns after partial retirement. On MSD AS Steering and University Equality & Diversity Committees.
Freddie Hamdy Head of Department Academic overview of policy implementation. Department head and former Athena SWAN Champion. Married with three children.
Gemma Horbatowski HR Administrative Officer Personnel data analysis. HR policy implementation. Has a flexible working pattern to accommodate her commute and caring responsibilities for her father. Currently on maternity leave.
Paul Johnson Professor Representing senior academic clinical researchers. OCDEM site representative. Married with two children; has previously taken adoption leave. Previous Athena SWAN Champion.
Louise King Communications and Public Engagement Officer Communications of AS initiatives, visbility of women across internal and external media. Appointed in 2015; has a central role in the development of the communications strategy and the coordination of the public engagement activities.
Emily Hotine Athena SWAN Coordinator Supporting the department’s submission to the Athena Swan Charter. Appointed in 2019; has a central role analysing data to devise and deliver effective initiatives to improve gender equality within the department.
Regent Lee Clinical Lecturer Representing clinical lecturers. Newly appointed clinical lecturer. Married and expecting second child. He hopes to utilise the shared parental leave package.
Aaron Leiblich Academic Clinical Lecturer Representing mid-stage academic clinical researchers.
Full-time Academic Clinical Lecturer works across NDS and NHS. In dual career partnership.
Emma Morris Senior Postdoctoral Researcher Representing non-clinical early stage researchers and lecturers. Postdoctoral researcher, married with three children. Completed a DPhil within the department in 2013.
Jane Niederer Research Nurse Representing research nurses. Churchill site representative. Has two children and works full-time flexible hours to accommodate caring and graduate studies.
Rutger Ploeg Professor Representing senior academic clinical researchers. Transplant Centre site representative.
Professor and
Honorary Consultant
Surgeon. In dual career marriage,
oversees welfare of staff and students.
Jo Snoeck Departmental Administrator Representing professional support staff. ORCRB site representative. Works flexible hours to accommodate a full-time job with caring for three children.

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