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The Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences (NDS) at the University of Oxford provides a limited number of work experience placements for students 16 years old and over.

NDS Work Experience Programme NDS

NDS Work Experience Programme

The programme is designed to offer students valuable experience in science and medicine, and will include time in the lab, a careers talk and a feedback session. During the week, students will take part in hands-on activities within different research groups in order to:

  • Build knowledge and basic lab skills and techniques;
  • Gain an understanding of how academic research and clinical trials are conducted;
  • Experience the range of research areas and professions within NDS.

NDS Work Experience Programme 2018

We ran the NDS Work Experience Programme for the second time for 10 students over two weeks (five students per week) in July 2018. Read below some of the feedback we received:

NDS Work Experience Programme 2018‘It was a good variety of experience, all was presented well, and was all very interesting. I particularly enjoyed shadowing doctors and nurses and seeing the HIFU machine.'

‘The most useful part for me was the time spent in the lab, as it showed what the life of a research scientist was like. The most interesting bit though was being in the clinic with patients, seeing the patient-doctor interactions and the tour by the vascular surgeon.’

‘I really enjoyed the morning we spent in the labs culturing CHO: CD154 cells and discussing current research that was taking place there.’

'I am even more enthusiastic about a future in medical research and am a lot more aware about the possibility of taking a medical degree after studying biomedical sciences.'

'I still want to do medicine, but the placement has shown me how closely linked research is with clinical medicine.'

'It affirmed my vision of becoming a physician-scientist. If anything, it allowed me to see the vastness of medicine that made me even more interested.'

“Thank you for organising this event. It indeed was useful and I think all of us enjoyed the week!”

Below is some of the feedback we received from the 2017 NDS Work Experience Programme:

NDS Work Experience Programme‘I really enjoyed the hands-on approach to the work experience and the openness which let me feel comfortable enough to ask questions. I loved the range of areas we got involved in. All parts we visited were extremely interesting and I will feel more inclined to follow the NDS research in the future.’

‘It has motivated me to read up more about clinical trials and ongoing research which has further inspired me to pursue a career in clinical research. It has shown me how varied a career in science is and how many different fields you could go into.’

‘It has allowed me to experience the background of medicine and how much researchers NDS Work Experience Programmeand scientists contribute to medicine and patient care.’

‘I found the clinical shadowing of doctors and medical students most interesting as it allowed me to gain more knowledge in the life of both a doctor and medical student, and we also discussed different universities.’

‘I really learnt a huge amount about medical research and enjoyed my time during this placement. I am very grateful for this opportunity.’

‘A great experience with very patient, helpful and committed researchers and clinicians!’

NDS work experience placement 2019

The application process for the 2019 NDS Work Experience Programme will open later on in the year.

Other placements 

A hospital-based work experience programme is also available via the NHS Voluntary Services Office. Please click here for further information.