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Giant touchscreen helping in the battle against cancer © NDS

Podcast: The Naked Scientists

8 March 2024

Dr Dan Woodcock spoke to The Naked Scientists about using AI to better understand prostate cancer.

RTÉjr Radio

1 December 2022

To find out how many organs you can live without, Dr Hannah McGivern was invited to take part in an episode of RTÉjr Radio's science podcast Let's Dive In! 

Radio Cherwell

15 March 2021

Dr Dimitrios Doultsinos was interviewed about his research by Radio Cherwell, the Oxford's hospital radio station. 


8 January 2020

Professor James FitzGerald and his team feature in a moving piece about Chris Warburton and his dad and how our Neuro team can perform life-changing brain surgery to treat Essential Tremor. Watch the story on the BBC iPlayer (4:09-13:26).


16 October 2019

On National Burn Awareness Day, Mr Fadi Issa featured on BBC Breakfast to explain what to do if your child suffers a burn or a scald. Read more

Radio: BBC Radio Oxford

5 July 2018

Professor Clare Verrill was interviewed as part of the celebrations for the 70th birthday of the NHS. The piece included a tour of cellular pathology and a look behind the scenes of the work carried out in the lab. Pictured above is Professor Verrill demonstrating how to analyse a tumour using a giant touchscreen computer on BBC Oxford News

TV: How the NHS Changed our World: The John Radcliffe

BBC One, 20/06/2018 & 28/06/2018, 7:00pm

In the first part of a series celebrating 70 years of the NHS, Dr Aarti Jagannath of Oxford University’s neuroscience department meets the neurosurgeons at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. She also explores the 300-year-old ties between the University of Oxford and the hospital and Oxford’s role as a centre for studying the science of the brain. The work of Professor Tipu Aziz, an expert in functional neurosurgery treating conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, and neurosurgeon Professor James FitzGerald, are featured, as well as Professor Zoltan Molnar, a developmental neuroscientist.

Radio: BBC Radio 4, Inside Health

8 March 2016

Professor Rutger Ploeg and Dr David Nasralla discussed techniques that make it possible to use more organs for transplant. (15:00 on the clock)

TV: BBC One, Inside Out South

7 March 2016 (and repeated on BBC One on 20 April 2016)

Comedy writer Paul Mayhew-Archer went in search of a cure for Parkinson's disease, a condition he was diagnosed with in 2011. Professor James FitzGerald and his patient demonstrated how a deep brain stimulation device controls a Parkinson's disease tremor.

'Parkinson's: The Funny Side':

The technology was also featured on BBC Breakfast on 5 March 2016:

TV: BBC Oxford, News

26 February 2016

Professor Clare Verrill demonstrated how to analyse a tumour using a giant touchscreen computer for junior doctors and medical students to study tumours in fine detail. This interactive screen is the latest weapon in the battle against cancer at Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital.

Watch the feature on the downloadable wmv file (2.6 MB).

Read the press release.

Radio: BBC Radio Oxford

21 October 2015

Dr Fadi Issa gave an interview on how to treat burns as part of National Burn Awareness Day.

Listen to the feature on the downloadable MP3 file. The interview with Dr Issa begins at 06:56.

Read the news story.

Radio: BBC Radio Oxford

10 August 2015

Professor Martin Burton discussed tinnitus, offering advise for sufferers with the condition.


Expert comment

The outlandish surgeon who aims to do the first body transplant says he wants to create a 'full death experience'

Business Insider, 28/06/2017
An Italian neurosurgeon has said that a series of experiments is paving the way for him to move ahead with the first full-body transplant in a person. Article includes comment from Professor James FitzGerald who said that he didn’t believe reports of success in joining spinal cords together to be credible.