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IntroductionCerebral visual impairment (CVI) refers to a spectrum of brain-related vision problems. CVI is associated with poor educational and mental health outcomes. An intervention has been developed to help children with CVI, involving input from clinicians, teachers and parents. The effectiveness of this intervention needs to be evaluated. This study aims to guide any refinements to the intervention or the design of a future cluster-randomised trial that may be needed.Methods and analysisThis study will include all methods anticipated for a future cluster-randomised controlled trial. Eight primary schools will be recruited and randomised to receive the intervention or carry on with usual practice. The intervention will comprise an information pack for schools and access to a local paediatric ophthalmology clinic (who are prepared to assess them for CVI), for up to 5% of participating children. Outcome assessments will be carried out at baseline (before randomisation) and after 4–5 months of intervention period. Assessments will include children’s self-reported quality of life, their learning ability and behaviour as reported by teachers, and family functioning reported by parents. Cost data will include service use, family expenditure on additional support (eg, private appointments and administration) and school spending and resource used in helping children with special educational needs or disability. A process evaluation (PE) will collect additional data relating to the implementation of the intervention and the trial processes, in the school and clinic settings. The protocol for the PE will be reported separately.Ethics and disseminationEthical permission was obtained from the University of Bristol Faculty of Health Sciences Ethical Committee. The results will inform the design of a future trial to assess the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the intervention and will be shared with participants, CVI-support groups and peer-viewed journals.Trial registration numberISRCTN13762177; Pre-results.

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