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If you are involved in research and would like to contribute more resources to the pages, please feel free to contact Louise King so that we can all work together to enhance standards of medical research.

Resources for researchers - Getting it out

This page contains resources for the dissemination of your research.



Critical appraisal

  • Critical Appraisal Skills Programme, free checklists to appraise research papers
  • Paid workshops available
(Recommended by Allison Hirst)
Testing Treatments
  • Contains a Critical Thinking and Appraisal Resource Library (CARL)
  • Testing Treatments also has a book available through their site on fair tests of treatments and is generally useful

(Recommended by Allison Hirst and Martin Burton)

  • CEBM - Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, includes the University of Oxford's Graduate School in EBM
  • Has worksheets and questions as a checklist to ask yourself about critical appraisal
  • Blog that analyses reasons for article retraction
(Recommended by Srinivasa Rao Rao)

Publication guidelines

EQUATOR network
  • "Enhancing the Quality and Transparency Of Health Research" - reporting guidelines for health research studies
(Recommended by Allison Hirst)


  • IDEAL publications guiding research in surgical methods

(Recommended by Allison Hirst)


Public engagement

Please get in touch with Emma Morris, the NDS Public Engagement Coordinator, who can help you with ideas and the organisation of your public engagement activities.

For further support, and information about training, funding and other opportunities, please see the Researchers' Toolkit on the MSD website.

Social media

Social media can help increase the impact of your research. Please contact Louise King, the NDS Communications Officer, for help and guidance for using social media to promote your articles and research projects. 

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