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If you are involved in research and would like to contribute more resources to the pages, please feel free to contact Louise King so that we can all work together to enhance standards of medical research.

Resources for researchers - making sense of it

This section is about analysing research data, either quantitatively or qualitatively.



General statistics

Statistical Reasoning for Public Health 1: Estimation, inference & interpretation
  • An eight-week long online course run by the Johns Hopkins University 
  • Takes a public health approach to basic statistics
(Recommended by Tinashe Chandauka)
Understanding Clinical Research: Behind the Statistics
  • Online (six-week) introductory course by the University of Cape Town into understanding clinical literature
  • Teaches you to interpret common statistical concepts without having to know very much about the mathematical basis behind them
(Recommended by Tinashe Chandauka)
A beginner's guide to interpreting odds ratios, confidence intervals and p-values 
  • A short 20-min long article that introduces the concepts of odds ratios, confidence intervals and p-values, using articles form the BMJ
  • From students4bestevidence - a network for students interested in evidence-based medicine
(Recommended by Martin Burton)
A series of articles on evidence-based nursing (from students4bestevidence)
  • A collection on articles form the BMJ about p-values, confidence intervals, odds ratios, bias in research
(Recommended by Martin Burton)
Stanford University medical statistics - self-paced course
  • A fantastic, free course introducing the basic principles of medical statistics. Complete with quizzes and a test at the end!

(Recommended by Simon Knight)

Statistical software

Statistical Computing with R Programming Language: a Gentle Introduction
  • A six to eight hour online course by the University of College London
  • Contains tasks focussing on bioscences, using pdf documents, videos, quizzes and assignments
(Recommended by Simon Knight)
R Programming Course on Coursera
  • A course by the Johns Hopkins University for programming in R, reading data into R, accessing R packages, writing R functions, debugging, profiling R code
(Recommended by Simon Knight)
Code School course on R Programming
  • Short online course with eight interactive chapters

(Recommended by Simon Knight)

  • Online programme that teaches R programming and data science interactively
Data analysis and Visualization with R
  • An online book by the Western Sydney University aimed at self-study of R
  • Free courses available for introductory/intermediate R programming
(Recommended by Paul Bateman)
Statistics with SPSS
  • Comprehensive guide to selecting the correct statistical test, carrying it out and analysing it; partly free
(Recommmended by Paul Bateman)
Stata Video Tutorials
  • Short videos on how to use Stata
(Recommended by Fadi Issa)


The metafor Package
  • A meta-analysis package for R
(Recommended by Simon Knight)
RevMan 5
  • Cochrane collaboration software for conducting meta-analysis

(Recommended by Simon Knight)

  • Free software from Brown University for conducting and teaching meta-analysis

(Recommended by Simon Knight)


A series of articles on evidence-based nursing (from students4bestevidence)
  • Contains a collection of articles from the BMJ about qualitative data analysis
(Recommended by Martin Burton)
Stats Stack Exchange
  • A Q&A website for statistics (can be quantitative too)
(Recommended by Srinivasa Rao Rao)