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Course Code:  RD_SU2

Students on doctoral programmes focus on a specific research project. They work closely with an academic supervisor who oversees their studies, and they produce a thesis that represents a significant and substantial piece of work.

Students in the experimental sciences are also likely to collaborate with their supervisor on shared laboratory work as part of a research team. Joint supervision (i.e. appointment of more than one supervisor) is not uncommon, and generally recommended by the department.

After completing their DPhil (as it is known in Oxford – most other universities call it a PhD), research students frequently go on to pursue academic careers or careers requiring advanced research skills. Most commonly, doctoral degrees last three to four years.

 current supervisors

Tipu Aziz Martin Burton David Cranston Claire Edwards
James Fitzgerald Peter Friend Alex Green Alison Halliday
Freddie Hamdy Ashok Handa Linda Hands Joanna Hester
Fadi Issa Paul Johnson Peter McCulloch Rutger Ploeg
David Taggart