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We aim to provide exposure to as many surgical specialties as possible during the clinical course.

General surgical teaching is delivered in years 4 and 6 of the clinical course as shown below. 

Year 4

  • Students will attend the Patient Doctor II course during September.  During this time, some will be allocated to surgical specialties
  • Six weeks between January and June which is split into consecutive three week attachments covering two specialties
  • Six weeks to be spent at one of the District General Hospitals, split between Medicine and Surgery

Year 6

  • The five-week surgical block allows students three weeks on one specialty followed by two weeks on a different firm
  • As in year 4, six weeks at a DGH split between Medicine and Surgery 

These attachments are carefully planned to ensure that students are exposed to as many specialties during the three year course as possible. Before joining Year 6, you will be asked to specify your firm preferences.

The Teaching Lead for each of the specialties is shown below along with Consultant colleagues :- 


Jane Clarke; Toral Gathani, Carl Griffiths, Richard Hunt, PG Roy


Oliver Jones  Chris Cunningham, Bruce George, Richard Guy, Roel Hompes,  Ian Lindsey, Neil Mortensen, 


Radu Mihai, Greg Sadler, Isabel Quiroga


Zahir Soonawalla, Peter Friend, Rutger Ploeg, Michael Silva, Srikanth Reddy


Bob Marshall, Nick Maynard, Bruno Sgromo, Richard Gillies


Tim Goodacre, Titus Adams, Jeremy Birch, Oliver Cassell, Lucy Cogswell, David Coleman, Paul Critchley, Henk Giele, David Johnson, Andy Pay, Niki Petrie, Steven Wall


James Gilbert, Peter Friend, Sanjay Sinha, Anil Vaidya, Isabel Quiroga, Rutger Ploeg, Anna Rizello 


Simon Brewster, David Cranston, Jeremy Crew, Freddie Hamdy, Jeremy Noble, Nilay Patel, John Reynard, Mark Sullivan


Linda Hands, Chris Darby, Andrew Gordon, Alison Halliday, Ashok Handa, Tim Magee, Jeremy Perkins, Ed Sideso


Najam Dehalvi, Carl Griffiths,

Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences, patient safety

Peter McCulloch