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Ally Bradley

Transplant Trials Development Lead

I am the Transplant Trials Development Lead, based in the Oxford Transplant Centre at the Churchill Hospital. My role involves overseeing clinical research governance and regulatory aspects for the three COPE trials. I am also involved in the development of new research proposals in organ transplantation with the aim of increasing the research portfolio of the Transplant Centre. The COPE trials consist of a liver study investigating Normothermic Machine Perfusion (NMP) vs Static Cold Storage (SCS), a kidney trial comparing Oxygenated Hypothermic Machine Perfusion Reconditioning after cold storage vs SCS alone and a kidney trial looking at HMP with the addition of oxygen vs HMP without oxygen.

I have worked in clinical trials since 1995 where I began as a Data Manager for the Clinical Trials Service Unit (CTSU). I have worked on many trials since in both primary and secondary care across a wide range of disease areas including cancer, crohn’s disease, heart disease, leukaemia and surgery. I previously worked within the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences on the ACST-2 trial and have been in my current role since March 2014. 

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