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Elsa Mauricio Reus

BSc, MSc, PhD

PART Trial Manager

I joined SITU as the PART Trial Manager in November 2020. The PART trial investigates whether partial treatment of the prostate using Vascular Targeted Photodynamic Therapy (VTP) is as effective in curing intermediate risk prostate cancer (and has fewer side effects) as radical treatments currently available on the NHS. 

Prior to joining the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences, I worked as a Clinical Researcher on the Radcliffe Department of Medicine, working on research studies on the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine.

I graduated from the University Miguel Hernandez in Alicante in 2011 with a BSc in Pharmacy. A Masters in Clinical Research (MSc) from the University San Pablo-CEU in Madrid in 2014 and a Doctoral Degree in Human Movement from the University of Münster in Germany in 2018.