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Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism (OCDEM), Churchill Hospital, Oxford OX3 7LE

Idira Obasse

BSc. (Hons), MSc., PhD.

Research Assistant

I am a member of the clinical human islet isolation team. Over the past decades, pancreatic islet transplantation has moved from an experimental procedure to a routine treatment option for patients with type 1 diabetes. Yet the broader application of this treatment has been limited owing to variable islet isolation outcomes, the lifelong immunosuppression requirement for recipients, and a global shortage of donor organs.
My research is focused on optimising the human islet isolation process, specifically, investigating the role of donor variables on islet isolation and islet transplantation outcomes using proteomics techniques such as liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry to assess how specific protein profiles are affected by donor variables and the organ retrieval process.
Prior to the University of Oxford, I obtained a PhD in Biomedical and Life Sciences from the University of Lancaster. My PhD research was focused on the development of peptide-based inhibitors of amylin aggregation as a novel therapeutic for type 2 diabetes. 

My publications

Obasse Idira, Taylor Mark, Fullwood Nigel J. and Allsop David (2017) Development of proteolytically stable N-methylated peptide inhibitors of aggregation of the amylin peptide implicated in type 2 diabetes. Interface Focus. 720160127.