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Miriam O'Hanlon

QUOD Technical Assistant

  • COPE Transplant Technician

I joined the NDS in January 2018 as the Technical Assistant for the QUOD (Quality in Organ Donation) biobank. QUOD is a nationwide programme to provide a resource of good quality biological samples to facilitate research into pathways of injury in donor organs. The aim is to identify novel biomarkers which can be used to predict allograft function, increase the pool of usable organs, and improve long term organ survival.

My role is in production of sample collection kits. I liaise with regional transplant retrieval teams to coordinate the dispatch of sample boxes and other consumables. I also process and store QUOD tissue samples in our bio-repository.

In addition, I hold the position of Transplant Technician for COPE (Consortium for Organ Preservation in Europe) Trials. COPE is a group of academic institutions running three randomised controlled multi-centre trials assessing the effectiveness of machine perfusion in improving graft function and survival. I attend transplant surgeries to collect relevant samples and, if necessary, operate a kidney perfusion machine. I also prepare samples in the biobank for distribution to associated research groups.