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Start date

October 2015

Project title                         

Employing ultrasound-mediated drug delivery to unleash robust anti-tumor immunity


Dr Joanna Hester

Professor Kathryn Wood

Dr Bradford Wood (U.S. National Institutes of Health)

Professor Robert Carlisle

Professor Constantin Coussios

Prateek Katti

BSChE, BS Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

DPhil Student, Biomedical Engineering & Cancer Immunotherapy

I am an MD-PhD trainee and NIH Oxford-Cambridge Scholar, completing my graduate-entry medical training at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and my DPhil at the University of Oxford as sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). As an undergraduate I studied Chemical Engineering (B.S.) and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (B.S.) at the Commonwealth Honors College of the University of Massachusetts Amherst graduating summa cum laude in both degrees. My undergraduate, interdisciplinary thesis explored the mechanical cues of breast cancer tumorigenesis under the direction of Professor Alfred Crosby and Professor Shelly Peyton and was recognized for thesis excellence by an Honors Dean's Award. I have also been fortunate to work under the direction of Professor Anil Rustgi at the University of Pennsylvania exploring colon cancer tumorigenesis and Professor Zhen Gu at the University of North Carolina.

My DPhil explores how ultrasound-mediated cavitation can be employed to enhance drug delivery, specifically in the context of cancer immunotherapy. At the interface of surgery, immunology, and engineering our approach seeks to generate potent anti-tumor immunity by enhancing the intratumoral delivery of immunomodulatory agents.