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Richard Colling


Senior Clinical Research Fellow in Urological and Digital Pathology

  • Consultant Pathologist (OUH)
  • Junior Research Fellow (Kellogg)



I am a pathologist and clinical researcher currently working in NDS as a Fellow in Urological Pathology and Digital Pathology. I came to Oxford in 2013 and was appointed as an academic consultant in 2019. I specialise clinically in urological pathology. I teach on the NDCLS Laboratory Medicine Course. I am also a JRF at Kellogg. 


Academically I specialise in clinical epidemiology, research methodology, evidence-based diagnostics, and test development & validation, with a focus on digital pathology, molecular diagnostics, and urological cancers.

A key area of my work is in developing the use of digital pathology tools such as digital microscopy, whole slide imaging, image analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, with the aim of improving pathology services for the NHS in Oxford. I am working on this as part of the PathLAKE project. I am also a member of the pathology team on the TRANSLATE Trial. 


Oxford is one of several sites in the PathLAKE Centre of Excellence for Digital Pathology, funded by the Data to Early Diagnosis and Precision Medicine program of the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (UK Research and Innovation). PathLAKE aims to create a big data 'lake' of histopathology digital images as a resource for use in UK digital pathology research and development, as well kick-start the transition of NHS pathology services to digital pathology in the UK and innovate new AI and other digital software tools for use in clinical practice. 


ACF & Clinical Lecturer in Histopathology (Oxford)

Molecular Diagnostics & Digital Pathology Fellow (Oxford)