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DPhil start date

October 2019

Project title

Best Evidence for Scar Treatment (BEST) Study: A single blinded, randomised trial into the efficacy of topical silicone gel sheeting for cutaneous scars


Dr Fadi Issa and Professor Dominic Furniss

Riyam Mistry

MBChB BSc (Hons)

MSc (Res) Student

  • Junior Research Fellow – Plastic Surgery

I obtained my medical degree from the University of Bristol, where my undergraduate research project was focused on the inflammatory proteins involved in scarring under the supervision of Professor Paul Martin. During this time I spent two research blocks as scholar in the Harvard Division of Plastic Surgery under Professor Elof Eriksson. My research at Harvard was focused on how pH and antibiotics can alter the wound healing process in vivo and in vitro. After completing my medical degree I have worked as a clinician for the NHS with an interest in plastic surgery.

I am currently a second year MSc by Research study under the supervision of Mr Fadi Issa. My research focuses on creating high quality evidence into the efficacy of silicone gel sheeting for treating scars in human skin. I am leading a world’s first study where we will be creating scars in a standardised, reproducible, controlled manner and assessing them with a plethora of well validated scar outcome measures. We hope to use this research to guide clinical practice in the treatment of scarring and to set up a model for assessing future scar treatments.