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Start date

October 2017

Project title                         

Sensitivity and Accuracy Limits in Fluorescence Guided Surgery


Professor Freddie Hamdy

Professor Borivoj Vojnovic

Samuel Fry

MPhys (Hons.) Physics

DPhil student

Before joining Oxford as a DPhil student, I obtained a first class masters (honours) degree in Physics from the University of Surrey, which involved spending a year working as part of the tritium group of JET (Joint European Torus) at CCFE (Culham Centre for Fusion Energy).

My DPhil project is concerned with the sensitivity and accuracy limits of intraoperative molecular imaging devices, used to detect fluorescence emission from specific biological markers in real time during cancer surgery. The technique (Fluorescence Guided Surgery/FGS) has great potential to improve patient treatment and recovery by increasing surgical precision.  

The aim of this work is to develop novel technologies, firstly to categorise the performance of commercially available FGS (Fluorescence Guided Surgery) imaging devices and secondly (and rather more distinctly) to improve upon the limitations of these FGS imaging devices.

Much of my time is spent within the advanced technology group, led by Professor Borivoj Vojnovic, of the Department of Oncology. This project forms part of a direct collaboration between the Department of Oncology and the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences to further the development of fluorescence guided surgery. This collaboration is generously funded by Cancer Research UK (programme grants programme grants C1380/A18444 and C5255/A15935).