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Sanaz Amin

Doctoral candidate in Surgical Sciences

  • Coordinator for the REQUEST study
  • Coordinator for the VEST III trial

My DPhil project is on intraoperative graft imaging in cardiac surgery. I use a device, VeriQC (Medistim ASA, Oslo, Norway), to double-check the grafts prior to chest closure.  According to literature, up to 11% of failed grafts are due to technical issues during surgery, such as kinking or twisting of the graft. With this new technique we could minimize these numbers and potentially further improve cardiac surgery. Currently we have several trials going on at the same time, which in turn should all help us better understand this novel technique. By the end of my research, I am hoping to prove that this device is indeed the new gold standard technique to assess graft patency intraoperatively.

In addition to my DPhil project, I am also the coordinator of two multicentre clinical trials. One of the trials, REQUEST, is a multicentre registry study on the VeriQC where we aim to find out how often the device helps the surgeon to detect and correct an error. The other trial, VEST III, is a multicentre randomised self-controlled trial on external venous stents (Vascular Grafts Solutions, Tel Aviv, Israel).