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Start date

9 October 2016

Project title                         

Understanding Human factor related practices and Patient Safety Culture in Sub-Saharan Africa 

Principal supervisor           

Professor Peter McCulloch


Professor Chris Lavy

Tinashe Chandauka

MBChB (Honours) (University of Cape Town)

DPhil student

Dr Tinashe Chandauka is a third year DPhil student investigating quality improvement strategies for surgical teams in low and middle-income settings. Tinashe is a Rhodes Scholar (South Africa at Large & Trinity, 2015), medical doctor and amateur triathlete. He was awarded the Presidents Gold Award for Youth Empowerment and featured in the Mail and Guardian Top 200 Young South Africans review (2016).

Tinashe works extensively with the University of Cape Town, his alma mater. Tinashe is particularly interested in the application of human factors, high reliability theory and performance improvement in teams under high pressure in healthcare and other high-risk industries.