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  • Dan Woodcock
    Dan Woodcock

    Associate Professor of Translational Data Science

  • Ian Mills
    Ian Mills

    John Black Professor of Prostate Cancer, Interim Head of Department, Group Leader

Jens Rittscher

Professor of Engineering Science

Willem Bonnaffé

MSc, PhD

Postdoctoral Data Scientist

I currently work on identifying morphological signatures of metastasis in prostate cancer, using AI and image analysis. Metastasis can lead to more aggressive forms of cancers, so that early and precise identification of metastasis, or lack thereof, can help avoiding heavy and costly treatments.

I also combine mathematical models describing the evolutionary dynamics of cancerous cells with tissue images obtained from biopsies to learn the drivers of cancer progression. These models will help further our understanding of how the morphology of the tissue changes with cancer stage, and how this is underpinned by changes in the biology and structure of cell communities.

My background is in mathematical modelling and evolutionary biology. I obtained a BSc in Life Sciences at Université Pierre et Marie Curie in 2013, and an MSc in Evolutionary Biology in 2017 at Ecole normale supérieure, Ulm.

I completed a PhD in Mathematical Biology at the University of Oxford in 2021, during which I developed neural ordinary differential equation models to study feedbacks between ecological and evolutionary change in natural systems, such as in Darwin’s finches.