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OCHRe/ORB (Oxford Centre for Histopathology Research), Oxford University, NDS Level 4 (opposite John Warin Ward), John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, OX3 9DU

Zhiyao Huang

BSc in Medical Sciences, MSc in Oncology and a PhD in Biological Sciences

Associate Practitioner - Clinical Trials

I have joined the Oxford Centre for Histopathology Research (OCHRe) from February, 2019. My main specialised area is to liaise with Cellular Pathology and secretarial staff to provide comprehensive and professional service in supporting the urgent clinical trial requests through OCHRe.

I have also participated in the Tissue Access Committee meetings, new registrations for clinical trials with OCHRe is a great ongoing demand, which I have collaborated very closely with the data research coordinator (clinical trials). My other individual job tasks include reviewing SOPs, processing OxValve blood samples, updating database (FileMaker Pro), annotating Greenlight ORB consent forms and assisting fresh tissue collection for clinical trials.

 I have a BSc in Medical Sciences, MSc in Oncology and a PhD in Biological Sciences. With many years of interests in the molecular diagnosis of cancer and new technology treatments for diseases, I continue to participate in clinical trials enthusiastically, as this area is fast moving and diversely exciting.