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Students pay fees to the University and to their college. In addition to fees, students need to budget for their accommodation and living costs. Information on fees and funding is available on the University of Oxford's Fees and Funding website.


University Fees

University fees (also called tuition fees) are at Home/EU or overseas rates. University fees for 2017/18 are £31,935 for overseas students and £4,195 for Home/EU students. See the University's Fees and Funding website for further information.

College Fees

College fees are for academic facilities provided by the college and do not include accommodation or meal charges. Each college charges a fee which is separate from, and in addition to, University fees. College fees do not distinguish between Home/EU and overseas students. The college fee for graduate students studying in 2017/18 is £3,021.

Living Costs

For the academic year 2017/18, it is estimated that a single, full-time graduate student, with no dependants, living 12 months in Oxford will need between £12,028 and £17,649 to cover living expenses. For a detailed breakdown see the University's Living costs website.

In addition you will need to cover the cost of travel to and from Oxford including the cost of returning to Oxford for the final Viva Voce examination if you leave Oxford after submitting your dissertation, and visa costs if applicable.

Funding your MSc

Oxford scholarships

The University of Oxford's Fees, Funding and Scholarship Search is the best place to look for funding options. Medical Sciences Graduate School funding and other Oxford scholarship schemes are very competitive, and anyone hoping to be considered must submit a complete application by the January deadline. For more information go to the Medical Sciences Division Graduate School Funding website.

The Frost Scholarship Programme

The Frost Scholarship Programme provides full scholarships to graduates from the State University System of Florida and to graduates of Israeli universities to study at Oxford.

The first Frost scholars from Florida began their studies in October 2014 and the Frost Scholarship Programme will continue to offer ten scholarships each year until 2018. The first Frost scholars from Israel began their studies in October 2015 and the Frost Scholarship Programme will continue to offer four scholarships each year until 2018.

Full eligibility criteria and other details about these scholarships are available via the Fees and Funding websites for Florida and Israel.