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A genetic risk score to personalize prostate cancer screening, applied to population data.

Journal article

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CD70 expression determines the therapeutic efficacy of expanded human regulatory T cells

Journal article

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Peptidomimetic‐based identification of FDA‐approved compounds inhibiting IRE1 activity

Journal article

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The Fourth International Workshop on Clinical Transplant Tolerance

Journal article

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The effect of sample size on polygenic hazard models for prostate cancer.

Journal article

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Letter to The Editor: COVID-19: Looking South and East in the World for Guidance.

Journal article

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Access Device Methods of Using the Same


TURNEY B. et al, (2020)

An overview of COVID-19 for diagnostic pathologists: clinicopathological correlation and diagnostic techniques

Journal article

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Development and evaluation of an electronic hospital referral system: a human factors approach.

Journal article

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Propionic Acid Shapes the Multiple Sclerosis Disease Course by an Immunomodulatory Mechanism

Journal article

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The First ITS Meeting.

Journal article

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The impact of intestinal transplantation on quality of life.

Journal article

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Transatlantic editorial: The use of multiple arterial grafts for coronary revascularization in Europe and North America.

Journal article

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