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APOBEC mutagenesis is a common process in normal human small intestine.

Journal article

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A GMP Protocol for the Manufacture of Tregs for Clinical Application.


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WNT5A-ROR2 axis mediates VEGF dependence of BRAF mutant melanoma.

Journal article

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FXR inhibition may protect from SARS-CoV-2 infection by reducing ACE2.

Journal article

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Beyond the AJR: The Emerging Role of Radiofrequency Ablation in the Treatment of Low-Risk Papillary Microcarcinoma of the Thyroid

Journal article

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Mutational landscape of normal epithelial cells in Lynch Syndrome patients

Journal article

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Research engagement by British early-career practitioners in nephrology: a multidisciplinary survey

Journal article

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Research Highlights

Journal article

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Transplant Trial Watch

Journal article

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