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NDS Work Experience Programme for students AGED 16 OR OVER

The Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences (NDS) at the University of Oxford provides a limited number of work experience placements for students aged 16 years old or over. We offer 12 placements over two weeks (six students per week) in July of every year.

The five-day programme is designed to offer students valuable experience in science and medicine, and will include time in the lab, the opportunity to shadow clinicians and research nurses, and a careers talk and feedback session.

During the week, students will take part in hands-on activities within different research groups in order to:

  • Build knowledge and basic lab skills and techniques;
  • Gain an understanding of how academic research and clinical trials are conducted;
  • Experience the range of research areas and professions within NDS.

Previous NDS Work Experience Programmes have included:

NDS Work Experience Programme 2023

Read about the 2023 NDS Work Experience Programme


Read about the 2022 NDS Work Experience Programme

NDS Virtual Work Experience Programme 2020 and 2021

Due to the COVID-19 situation, we were not able to offer our usual on-site programme. However, we were pleased that we were able to provide an alternative programme online.

Read about the 2020 NDS Virtual Work Experience Programme

Read about the 2021 NDS and NDORMS Virtual Work Experience Programme