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The Prostate Cancer Biology Group focusses on metabolic pathways, spatial clonal biology, and developing multiplexed models to facilitate more accurate study of prostate cancer lethality.

Team photo of the Oxford Prostate Cancer Biology Group

Prostate cancer emerges from the cross-talk between genomic alterations, metabolic dysregulation and adaptive changes in the tumour micro-environment. In metastatic disease some genomic drivers have been identified but in order to more effectively risk stratify localised disease and treat high-risk disease effectively, it is important to fully characterise at a cellular and molecular level. As a translational lab comprising basic scientists and clinician scientists, we are addressing this challenge using spatial methods and clinical material to refine the pre-clinical models and target pathways that we focus on scientifically.  Many of these pathways are regarded as enabling biologies, supporting cell survival under metabolic and oncogenic stress.  Examples include the unfolded protein response and glycosylation. Our work on patient samples focuses on the in-depth profiling of small numbers of patient samples and we exemplify and validate our findings by participating in multi-institutional consortia (e.g., PPCG) and utilising large cohorts with long-term follow-up.

Areas of Research

Metabolic pathways and the unfolded protein response

Spatial clonal biology

Glycosylation and OGlcNAc transferase

PhenoCycler Multiplex Imaging


We welcome enquiries regarding our programme of work and possible positions in the group. 


Our work is supported by grants from the Rosetrees Trust, CRIS Cancer Foundation, Larry Leeds, Eustace Wolfington, John Black Charitable Foundation, Cancer Research UK, Prostate Cancer UK, The Hanson Research Trust and the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Our team

Selected publications

Genetic mapping of tumours: New breakthroughs in prostate cancer

New spatial atlas of clonal somatic mutations reveals novel findings in prostate/skin/breast and more

The Spatial Landscape of Gene Expression and Genome Integrity in Benign and Malignant Tissue

Oxford University surgical lecture: Un-weaving the rainbow of prostate cancer spatial heterogeneity

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