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Richard Bryant

Associate Professor of Urology and Academic Director of NDS SITU

Simon Buczacki

Richard Blackwell Pharsalia Professor of Colorectal Surgery

Thomas Cosker

Associate Professor

Chris Cunningham

Associate Professor of Colorectal Surgery

Michael Douek

Professor of Surgical Sciences & Breast Cancer, Academic Director of NDS SITU

Claire Edwards

Professor of Bone Oncology

James FitzGerald

Professor of Neural Interfacing

Peter Friend

Professor of Transplantation

Anna Furmanski

Course Director, MSc Integrated Immunology and Senior Lecturer

Henk Giele

Associate Professor

Alex Green

Professor of Neurosurgery and Academic Director of NDS SITU

Ashok Handa

Professor of Vascular Surgery and Director of Teaching in Surgery

Joanna Hester

Associate Professor

James Hunter

Associate Professor of Transplant Surgery

Fadi Issa

Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery

Paul Johnson

Director of Oxford Islet Isolation and Islet Transplant Programmes and ...

Maria Kaisar

Associate Professor of Transplantation Science

Daljit Kaur Dhariwal

Deputy Director for Teaching in Surgery

Simon Knight

Associate Professor of Transplant Surgery

Kokila Lakhoo

Professor of Global Paediatric Surgery

Alastair Lamb

Associate Professor

Regent Lee

Associate Professor of Vascular Surgery

Valentine Macaulay

Emeritus Associate Professor

Sheraz Markar

Associate Professor and Director of NDS SITU

Peter McCulloch

Professor of Surgical Science and Practice

Mei Nortley

Deputy Director for Teaching in Surgery

Puneet Plaha

Associate Professor

P.G. Roy

Associate Professor

Prasanna Sooriakumaran

Professor of Urology and Senior Clinical Research Fellow

David Taggart

Professor of Cardiovascular Surgery

Ben Turney

Associate Professor

Clare Verrill

Associate Professor of Cellular Pathology

Stuart Winter

Associate Professor

Dan Woodcock

Associate Professor of Translational Data Science