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Resources for researchers

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To further improve the quality of research at the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences and within the University of Oxford, we have compiled a collection of resources useful to researchers in all parts of the research process, from experimental techniques to publication and review, which have been recommended by members from our own department.

We have divided the research process into four stages: getting it ready, getting it done, making sense of it, and getting it out.

1. Getting it ready

  • This includes resources for the preparation of research, including study designs and methodologies, and applying for grants.
  • General resources include those for literature review, systematic reviews, meta-analyses and a database library (containing information such as protein sequencing).
  • Resources are further divided into in vivo, in vitro, and human-based research.

2. Getting it done

  • This page includes laboratory and clinical techniques, also divided into in vivo, in vitro, and human categories.
  • Ethical guidelines for clinical research can also be found here.

3. Making sense of it

  • This page is about analysing research data, either quantitatively or qualitatively.
  • Quantitative methods: General statistics, statistical software, meta-analysis.
  • Qualitative methods: Qualitative data analysis.

4. Getting it out

  • Information for the dissemination of your research can be found here.
  • Writing the report: Publication guidelines, critical appraisals.
  • Presenting: Public engagement, social media.