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RESPOND logo with the wording 'Rescue for Emergency Surgery Patients Observed to uNdergo acute Deterioration'
'Funded by' National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) logo

Nurses in each of the Trusts that are involved in RESPOND are imperative to the success of the trial. 

For an overview of all strands, please see the “Problem and Approach” tab. Nurses specifically are asked to engage with the following interventions: 

  1. Surgical Escalation Procedure: Each time you reference the SEP at any stage to prevent patient deterioration, please tell us about it!  
  2. Patient’s Urgent Help Line: Please ensure all of the patients on your ward receive the Patient’s Urgent Help Line leaflet.  
  3. Team Strengthening: Participate in safety huddles, attend Away Days, provide support when you notice colleagues are feeling down using the Our Kind of Team cards, and submit comments of appreciation for colleagues to the e-boards. Please also complete the Safety Attitudes Questionnaire at the beginning and end of the trial in your Trust- Our RESPOND researchers will be sure to provide reminders!