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To make data collection easier, we’ve compiled the following FAQs from our interactions with data collectors in the past.

Just the same way as you would enter it for a new patient! New row and new ID – we are looking at individual deterioration events, not at individual patients. In some cases, the same patient may even have a 3rd or 4th event. 

Yes – with two prerequisites; the suspected complication is related to the emergency surgery which took place during the last admission AND the scan was done as an emergency with a result needed ASAP. The starting time of this deterioration would then be the time they presented to the A&E and the end time would be the time of verified report (if no other action needed to be taken) or of decisive management being initiated. 

For a NEWS score of 7 or more

When the NEWS score drops to 5 or less AFTER some form of treatment has been initiated.

For a NEWS score of 7 or more

No. If the NEWS score has not fallen to 5 or less yet, the emergency scan is part of the same event. Contrarily, if some form of treatment has brought the score down to 5 or less and a separate event prompts emergency scanning, this is now a second deterioration episode. 

For an unplanned scan

The episode ends at the time that the verified scan report is published.


Yes. It starts from whatever action prompts involving the CCOT, and ends at the time of the CCOT member’s note.