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The NDS Outreach Committee was set up in 2015 with the purpose of seeking opportunities to raise awareness within the local, and wider, community about the work that we do and the opportunities for careers in surgical sciences.

Louise King, the NDS Communications and Public Engagement Officer, chairs the NDS Outreach Committee. The Committee meet regularly to devise an outreach strategy for the department and to make contact with local schools and other institutions.

Staff members can view the minutes from these meetings on the Staff Gateway (requires SSO).

There's always a great atmosphere at NDS outreach events. The public, and particularly parents, are very grateful for us providing this resource and communicating our research in a dynamic and enjoyable way. It's gratifying knowing you've contributed to a really memorable day for people who take part, and to the visibility of women in STEM too. - Miriam O'Hanlon

Get involved

If any members of staff are interested in joining the NDS Outreach Committee or becoming involved in some of our public engagement activities, we’d be delighted to have you.

Please contact Louise King for more information.