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We design and conduct multicentre clinical trials in cardiac surgery

A heart lung machine

We are currently working in collaboration with clinical trials units in both the UK and Canada.  Our trials evaluate new surgical techniques, devices and treatments.  The aim is that they will improve longevity and quality of life as well as shaping clinical practice for the next generation of CABG patients.

  • ART  - This is one of the largest randomized trials of two surgical procedures ever undertaken in cardiac surgery.  It is a multi-centre, international, randomized controlled trial funded by both the Medical Research Council and the British Heart Foundation
  • CORONARY Trial - Funded by a grant from the Canadian Institute of Health Research and sponsored by the University of Oxford.  It is a multi-centre international trial that will compare survival following surgery of OPCABG compared to ONCABG in the treatment of patients with IHD undergoing CABG.
  • VEST Trial - Venous External Support Trial. This involves an exciting new stent which has the potential to improve the long term durability of vein grafts

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