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Our multidisciplinary team of scientists and clinicians research ways to optimise human pancreatic islet transplantation with the goal of achieving insulin independence in patients with diabetes

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The transplantation consortium comprises of three components - a world class human islet isolation facility; an innovative research programme; and a leading clinical transplant programme. This unique approach allows our transplant group to underpin clinical service with outstanding scientific expertise.

We are proud to be associated with such a highly regarded team and centre of excellence which provides much hope and benefit to people with diabetes
- Sarah Bone, Executive Director of the Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation

Our translational research programme and team of internationally renowned scientists are conducting pioneering research which aims to make fundamental advances in the field of islet transplantation. To date our scientific breakthroughs have contributed to the development of novel techniques and approaches now used routinely worldwide.

We anticipate our combination of innovative research and clinical excellence will bring us another step closer to our ultimate goals of achieving insulin independence in diabetic patients and reversing diabetes in children soon after diagnosis.



Our Team

DRWF Human Islet Isolation Facility

DRWF Human Islet Isolation Facility

£1.2 million state of the art purpose built facility established by Sir Peter Morris

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