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Clinical Transformation 

On the Edge of a Digital Pathology Transformation: Views from a Cellular Pathology Laboratory Focus Group

Digital Pathology Transformation in a Supraregional Germ Cell Tumour Network

Digital pathology and artificial intelligence will be key to supporting clinical and academic cellular pathology through COVID-19 and future crises: the PathLAKE consortium perspective

Role of digital pathology in diagnostic histopathology in the response to COVID-19: results from a survey of experience in a UK tertiary referral hospital

Guidance for Remote Reporting of Digital Pathology Slides During Periods of Exceptional Service Pressure: An Emergency Response from the UK Royal College of Pathologists

The use of digital pathology and image analysis in clinical trials

Validation & Quality

Validation of grading of non-invasive urothelial carcinoma by digital pathology for routine diagnosis

WHO/ISUP grading of clear cell renal cell carcinoma and papillary renal cell carcinoma; validation of grading on the digital pathology platform and perspectives on reproducibility of grade

Automated quality assessment of large digitised histology cohorts by artificial intelligence

Potential quality pitfalls of digitalized whole slide image of breast pathology in routine practice

AI & Algorithm Building

Artificial intelligence in pathology: an overview

Artificial intelligence for advance requesting of immunohistochemistry in diagnostically uncertain prostate biopsies

The potential of artificial intelligence to detect lymphovascular invasion in testicular cancer

Deep learning based digital cell profiles for risk stratification of urine cytology images

Image-based consensus molecular subtype (imCMS) classification of colorectal cancer using deep learning

Education & Training

Implementation of digital pathology into diagnostic practice: perceptions and opinions of histopathology trainees and implications for training


The Use of Digital Pathology and Artificial Intelligence in Histopathological Diagnostic Assessment of Prostate Cancer: A Survey of Prostate Cancer UK Supporters

Lessons from a breast cell annotation competition series for school pupils

Ethics & Law

Understanding the ethical and legal considerations of Digital Pathology

Ethical issues in computational pathology

Conference Posters:

Moving to a Digital Pathology Supraregional Germ Cell Tumour Service, Leeds Pathology 2019

Colling R, White K, Rittscher J, Roskell D, Hemsworth H, Soares M, Roberts ISD, Royston D, Rees G, Turner G, Fryer E, Roberts-Gant S, Siiankoski D, Bryant R, Molyneux A, Taibi A, Johnson E, Protheroe A, Tuthill M, Sullivan M, Browning L, Verrill C

Adopting Digital Pathology into Clinical Practice: Perceived Advantages and Challenges, Leeds Pathology 2019

C Verrill, E Fryer, H Hemsworth, G Rees, ISD Roberts, S Roberts-Gant, D Roskell, D Royston, D Siiankoski, M Soares, K Shah, G Turner, K White, L Browning

Grading of non-invasive urothelial carcinoma on transurethral resection: a comparison of digital

whole slide image vs. glass slide, Glasgow Pathology 2020

Colling R, Colling H, Moxley-Wyles B, Browning L, Verrill C

Validation of ISUP Grading of Clear cell & Papillary Renal Cell Carcinoma on the Digital Platform, Glasgow Pathology 2020

Colling R, Verrill C, Browning L

Utilisation of a diagnostic digital pathology platform for sharing of educational cases -

opinions and attitudes of histopathology trainees, Glasgow Pathology 2020

Abhisek Ghosh, Jennifer Brown, Kezia Gaitskell, Dinesha Jayasinghe, Atharina Julai, Nicholas

McEntyre, Robert Pell, Danah Saif, Anand Srinivasan, Richard Colling, Clare Verrill, Lisa Browning


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