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Organ transplant surgery

This exciting part-time degree course is designed to prepare surgeons to take charge of their surgical practice and to be clinician leaders in their organisations.

The aim of the course is to give you a strong foundation in the most important non-clinical skills you will need to be effective and to lead others. It will prepare you for life as an independent specialist and focuses on skills and knowledge which are not fully represented or are omitted from graduate training curricula.

The Masters programme is run in collaboration with the Department of Continuing Education and has been designed to appeal to trainees and consultants in surgical disciplines as well as any clinical discipline that involves technical skills. Successful applicants have included radiologists, anaesthetists and physicians performing invasive procedures (cardiologists, gastroenterologists, etc).

Surgeons work as part of multidisciplinary teams in complex organisations, and will need to adapt and develop new skills and roles throughout their professional lives. The syllabus accordingly covers leadership, teamwork, management skills, quality improvement and patient safety, development and implementation of new technologies, as well as an introduction to the principles of medical education, clinical research methods and research skills. 

The knowledge gained during the course will stand you in good stead throughout your career.  For more information please refer to the course website.