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Urology Administration Department, Churchill Hospital, Old Rd, Headington, Oxford

Research groups


Jane Niederer


Research Nurse

  • Lead Research Nurse for SRT (Surgical Research Team).

I lead a highly motivated and skilled team of Research Nurses, as part of Professor Hamdy’s Group.

The Nurses work closely with the Technical Team to support high quality tissue and sample collections for our portfolio of Studies/Trials.

To date our portfolio has focused on Studies and Trials involved in Urological Malignancies, such as ProMPT (Molecular Mechanisms of Progression and Treatment in advanced Prostate Cancer), HYMN ( Hyperthermic Mitomycin for Bladder cancer) and RCC (Validation/Qualification of Biomarkers in Renal Cell Carcinoma).

Going forward our focus is broadening to include a variety of Tumour sites such as Head and Neck 5000 (Evaluating the outcome of Centralisation in Head and Neck Cancer) and Metabolism studies in Breast Cancer.

The Surgical Research Team’s emphasis is on providing quality data collection and ensuring a highly professional team to support all Studies and Trials.