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RESPOND logo with the wording 'Rescue for Emergency Surgery Patients Observed to uNdergo acute Deterioration'
'Funded by' National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) logo

Please see the “For RESPOND Leaders” tab for an overview of what data is collected and how the Audit data collection relates to the Trial data collection.  

Nearly all Trusts have registered for the Quality Audit to get a head start on collecting data while waiting for R&D approval for the research trial. The same data will be collected for the Audit and for the Trial. Those collecting data for the Audit can include junior doctors, research nurses, or another role with the appropriate clinical knowledge. Research nurses will be responsible for data collection during the research trial once their Trust’s R&D department has approved the Trial and has allocated/trained research nurses in the data collection.

Data collection training materials for all data collectors are on this page. Additionally, all registered data collectors should have received a calendar invite to a weekly 'drop in' session to ask questions about data collection and provide a brief report on progress. If you have not received this invite and believe you are leading data collection for your Trust, please reach out to us.


1) 18 years or older

2) Admitted as an emergency

3) Underwent emergency abdominal procedure (surgery/IR/endo)

4) Post-procedure "deterioration" - at least one of the following criteria:

            - NEWS2 score 7 or more

            - Unplanned imaging

            - Unplanned procedure or reoperation

            - Unplanned ITU consultation or admission

            - Cardiac arrest/death


1) Active DNR order

2) Non-English speakers with no translator available

Guide for RESPOND Data Collection

Determining deterioration episode start and end times