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Sophia Ali

QUOD Technical Assistant

Katsiaryna Belaya

Research Coordinator

Jenny Bellorini

Managing Editor

Callum Board

Tissue Handling Technician

Timothy Boland

Transplant Research Project Manager

Emma Bowes

Tissue Handling Technician - Biobanking

Wojtek Brudlo

Data Coordinator

Jo Cook

Clinical Research Coordinator

Samantha Cox

Information Specialist and Assistant Managing Editor

Lucy Davies

Clinical Trials Development Lead

Jessica Doondeea

Laboratory and Facilities Manager

Clare Dunstan

Healthcare Assistant

Katherine Gordon Quayle

Research Nurse

Emma Harper

PART Trial Manager

Alicia Hayes

Tissue Handling Technician - Prostate Cancer (S.P.A.C.E Study)

Damian Haywood

SITU Operational Lead

Aimi Hewitt

UK TAVI Clinical Data Manager

Janet Higham

Programme Coordinator, Patient Safety Academy

Allison Hirst

Project Manager and Researcher, IDEAL Collaboration

Peter Holding

Coordinating Lead Nurse, ProtecT Trial

Stephanie Jones

ORB Collections Governance Manager, Oxford Radcliffe Biobank

Stephen Jones

UK TAVI Clinical Trial Manager

Yukari Kimura

Research Technician

Joanne Kitchin

Improvement Science and Human Factors Research Assistant

Rajeev Kumar

Senior Programmer

Adam Lambert

Bio-repository Manager

Steffi le Conte

Clinical Trial Manager

Shelagh Lovell

Research Nurse

Rebecca Miller

Research Technician

Jonathan Milton

Oxford Transplant Biobank Coordinator

Michele Moore

Research Associate

Rounaq Nayak

Human Factors Research Assistant

Jane Niederer

Research Nurse

Miriam O'Hanlon

Biobank Technician

Marta Oliveira

QUOD Laboratory Technician

Jim Palmer

UK TAVI Clinical Trial Co-ordinator

Bhumika Patel

Senior Bio-Repository Coordinator

Reshma Rana Magar

Systematic Reviewer

Sandrine Rendel

QUOD National Operational Coordinator

Tomas Surik

QUOD Data Assistant

Adam Thorne

Technical and Research Assistant

Phoebe Tsou

Research Technician

Lois Vesty-Edwards

Research Nurse

Carol Wallis

ART Trial Manager

Edmund Wyatt

ART Trial Assistant

Rhea Zambellas

Trials Manager (OVIVA)

Gkentiana Zavalani

Tissue Handling Technician