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Sahar Abdelkarim

Tissue Handling Technician

Sophia Ali

QUOD Technical Assistant

Adam Appelbee

Tissue Handling Technician - Biobanking

Hanaa Asharaf

Transplant Technician

Jemima Becker

Transplant technician

Jenny Bellorini

Managing Editor

Martyna Borak

Biobank Assistant

Jenny Buisan

Research Nurse

Tallulah Chaplain

Clinical Trials Coordinator

Melody Chin

Clinical Trial Manager - DISCUS

Kerry Clare

Senior Biobank Coordinator

Patrick Coakes

Research Technician

Hayleigh Colling

Tissue Handling Technician - Histology

Jo Cook

Clinical Research Coordinator

Lucy Crawford

Research Technician in Islet Isolation

Sarah Cross

QUOD National Operational Coordinator and Oxford Transplant Biobank Manager

Sarah Crosweller

Clinical Trial Manager

Jessica Doondeea

Laboratory and Facilities Manager

Clare Dunstan

Healthcare Assistant

Jared Firth

Research Technician in Islet Isolation

Neil Fisher

Transplant Technician

Sofia Focacci

Clinical Data Manager

Jacob Freda

Clinical Trials Assistant

Ana Gil-Bernabe

Governance and Quality Manager

Katherine Gordon Quayle

Research Nurse

Alice Guazzelli

Clinical Trial Manager

Aimee Hennessy

Clinical Trials Assistant

Aimi Hewitt

Senior Data Manager

Alison Horne

Clinical Data Manager

Benjamin Hornsby

IDEAL Project Coordinator

Kate Hutton

Laboratory and Administrative Assistant

Stephanie Jones

ORB Collections Governance Manager, Oxford Radcliffe Biobank

Stephen Jones

MACRO Clinical Trial Manager

Yukari Kimura

Research Assistant

Rajeev Kumar

Senior Programmer

Adam Lambert

Bio-repository Manager

Elizabeth Latham

Data Manager

Belinda Lees

ART Trial Consultant

Laura Lloyd Jones

Clinical Data Manager

Olivia Lounsbury

Human Factors Research Assistant

Niamh Louwman

Transplant Technician

Shelagh Lovell

Research Nurse

Charles Malyon

Clinical Trial Manager

Hannah McGivern

QUOD Research Assistant

Azita Mellati

Research Assistant

Maria Julia Milano

ProMPT Administrator

Robert Moore

Data Research Coordinator (Clinical Trials)

Sorayya Moradi

Research Support Assistant

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