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Sarah Cross

BSc (Hons), PhD

Postdoctoral Research Scientist

  • Deputy Laboratory Manager, DRWF Oxford Human Islet Isolation Facility

My research focuses on improving the outcome of human islet isolation, in particular optimization of the collagenase digestion phase of human islet isolation. I have characterised both the distribution of collagenase following infusion into the pancreas, and traced its presence in islets throughout the isolation process, importantly determining that it is not present within purified human islets prior to transplantation. In conjunction with my collagenase research I have also investigated the structural components of the extracellular matrix at the islet-exocrine interface, in order to help characterise the substrate for collagenase digestion.

I am presently investigating the digestion of the human islet basement membrane during the isolation process and tracing what happens to it over time in culture, with the aim of finding ways to preserve this important structural and survival-promoting matrix.

Alongside my research, I am a team leader for human islet isolation and perform islet isolations for both clinical transplantation and research.

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