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John Radcliffe Hospital, Level 5, Headley Way, Headington, Oxford, OX3 9DU

Adam Lambert

BSc (hons)

Bio-repository Manager

  • Departmental Safety Officer

As Bio-repository Manager for the NDS, I have overall operational responsibility for all stored specimens in the bio-repository, including archival specimens stored offsite at the UK Biocentre facilities in Milton Keynes and Osney Mead in Oxford. There are over 700,000 samples in the collection, the majority of which are stored in -80C freezers at these facilities.

The majority of the samples in the collection are from the ProMPT Study (Prostate cancer mechanisms of progression and treatment), a multi-centre, national study for which Oxford, along with Cambridge, is a main bio-repository hub. Part of my role is to manage operational aspects of the ProMPT study across these 12 centres, this includes:

  • Supervising the sample selection (in terms of clinical data and sample availability) for ethically approved research projects
  • Coordinating the receipt, distribution and accessioning of samples from the 12 regional centres
  • Planning for future storage requirements across these centres
  • Updating and maintaining the ProMPT website.

As the person designated for urology collections registered under the Oxford Radcliffe Biobank (ORB) Human Tissue Act (HTA) licence, my work requires me to work in close liaison with that group, to ensure full compliance with legal regulations and that we are working to the Codes of Practice (COP) outlined by the HTA.  Examples of activities relating to this are:

  • Providing oversight for bio-repository administration, ensuring that accurate records are kept and that specimen storage, use and tracking is audited regularly
  • Maintaining existing collections and registering new collections and coordinating the annual renewal  process for each collection
  • Ensuring the provision of SOPs and other related quality documents and updating the local Sharepoint Quality Management System (QMS).

I am also an active member of several departmental committees (Space and Infrastructure, Health and Safety, Athena SWAN SAT team). I also fulfil the role of Departmental Safety Officer.