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Jon Austyn

Emeritus Professor of Immunobiology

James Barnes

Clinical Research Fellow

David Beard

Professor of Musculoskeletal Sciences

Catherine Boffa

Clinical Research Fellow

Matthew Bottomley

Clinical Career Development Fellow in Renal Medicine

Lisa Browning

Training and Education Lead (Articulate Pro Study)

Richard Canter

Visiting Professor of Surgical Education

Andrew Carr

Nuffield Professor of Orthopaedics

Rosalin Cooper

Histopathology Specialty Registrar

Viktoria Flossmann

Visiting Researcher

Abhisek Ghosh

Clinical Lecturer in Cellular Pathology

Martin Gillies

Senior Research Fellow and Lecturer

Alex Gordon-Weeks

Consultant Hepatobiliary Surgeon and Clinical Lecturer

Sarah Howles

Clinical Research Fellow

Tony Jefferis


Maria Kaisar

Researcher in Transplantation Science

Roba Khundkar

Senior Clinical Lecturer in Global Surgery

Nicholas Killough

Nicholas Killough


Andrew Lewis

Andrew Lewis


Seint Lwin

Seint Lwin


Paul Lyon

Senior Research Fellow in Interventional Oncology

Niveshni Maistry

Academic Research Visitor

Ioan Milosevic

Ioan Milosevic


John O'Callaghan

Research Fellow

Eamon Raith

Visiting Researcher in Global Surgery (critical care)

Richard Scheffer

Retired hospice medical director and consultant in palliative medicine

Anne Schilder

Programme Director

Ed Sideso

Ed Sideso


Eirion Slade

Medical student

Prasanna Sooriakumaran

Visiting Professor of Urology

Muir Gray

Visiting Professor

Hayson Chenyu Wang

Visiting Researcher and Plastic Surgeon

Matthew Williams

Preclinical FHS medical student

Felicity Woodgate

Felicity Woodgate


Chuer Zhang

Visiting Researcher