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Lisa Browning

Training and Education Lead (Articulate Pro Study)

  • Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer
  • Consultant Histopathologist (uropathologist)

Lisa Browning is a Consultant Histopathologist (uropathologist) in the Department of Cellular Pathology, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer, University of Oxford.

Lisa has an established interest in the education provided to histopathologists locally, nationally and internationally, and is the lead for education on the study. Lisa was previously Head of School and Training Programme Director for Histopathology in the Thames Valley. She is the current Meetings Secretary for the British Division of the IAP (BDIAP) and Education Secretary for the British Association for Urological Pathology (BAUP).  

In February 2022, Lisa was awarded the Golden Microscope Award by the Pathological Society which recognises excellent post-graduate training in pathology and ensures the continuation of the mission of the Pathological Society "Understanding Disease - Guiding Therapy. Lisa is also the 2022 recipient of the Cunningham Medal, awarded by the British Division of the IAP for Outstanding Contribution to the BDIAP.  

Lisa is a member of the Oxford PathLAKE project team where she has made significant contributions, and she is validated for digital pathology reporting in Oxford’s fully digital NHS Cellular Pathology Laboratory.