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You said

We did

Fixed term contracts are a source of anxiety. We expanded the NDS Training Fund to include provision for staff who were coming to the end of their contracts to support them in securing their next role
The split-site nature of the department hinders communication and integration. We ran the NDS logo competition to strengthen departmental identity and created the new staff gateway, where all departmental information can be easily accessed
The department needs to offer more career development support. We created the career development section of the staff gateway and compiled resources on regrading, training and mentoring information.
"Revamp PDR exercises to make it more attractive and useful to both parties doing the exercise." We are re-designing PDR into a new "ADR" process, to be launched this year.
"[More] line management skills and experience." We are designing line management training with People Unboxed.
"Facilitate more cross-departmental interactions." More work has been undertaken with Oncology, including the cross-departmental mentoring scheme (which has resulted in over 40 mentoring matches) and the Wellbeing Support Service.
Multiple expressions of interest in mentoring and further career development support. In 2021, only 22% had been mentored. Since then, we've launched our mentoring scheme, RECOGNISE. One participant said of the scheme: 'I just feel more motivated to find what is best for me moving forward and not what is better for everyone else.
"[P]rovide more opportunities for researchers and early career investigators to […]develop their own research program." We've launched grants and fellowships panels, which provide feedback to researchers on applications they're looking to submit.

Look out for your invitation to complete the 2023 staff survey from people Insight – launching 25 April and closing 19 May. 

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