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Are you considering starting a family in the near future but aren't sure when is the right time to fit it around your research contract, or wondering how you will sort out your leave entitlements? Or do you already have children and are juggling work with childcare?

This Researcher Connections event is an informal session for research staff at the University of Oxford that will allow you the space to explore issues about balancing a family with a research career, whether you want to consider what might be involved in future, already have a child and are thinking of more, or want to consider ways that you can best combine working and childcare. Using outcomes of research from the Department of Primary Care Health Sciences to spark discussion, in the form of video clips of female and male researchers at the University, you'll have the chance to talk to other researchers about the issues and challenges, and benefit from others' experiences. There will also be the opportunity to ask questions about leave entitlements and other University policies.

Partners are very welcome to attend, whether or not they are not affiliated with the University - but please make sure you both book a place so that we can keep track of numbers. Please note that in coming to this event you are agreeing that you will keep all discussions confidential.

We are running two sessions, both on Thursday 22 October 2015 - please choose whether you would like to attend:

  • 12.15pm-2.00pm, Seminar Room 3, George Pickering Education Centre, JR Hospital. To book this session, please book here.
  • 7.15pm-9.15pm, St Aldate's Tavern, 108 St Aldate's, City Centre. To book this session, please book here.