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A series of online talks/conversations with scientists from NDS, NDORMS and other University of Oxford Medical Science departments for Y12/13 students.


Sarah Davidson - From art to clinical research: It's ok to change your mind

At school my two favourite subjects were always art and biology. During my A-levels, I decided to pursue a career in Art and Design, enrolling in an art foundation course, with the intention of applying for a degree in fine art at university. However, after undertaking two weeks of art foundation classes, I realised a future in Art wasn't for me. As I had always been interested in biology, I dropped out of the art foundation course and applied for Biochemistry at University. Here, I undertook a "year in industry", between my second and third year, in which you conduct a research project at a university institute or pharmaceutical company. During this year, I caught the "research bug" and decided to pursue a career in clinical research. Thus, I conducted a PhD in cancer biology and now work as postdoctoral researcher, investigating inflammatory arthritis. 

James Fullerton - Making and managing medicines

I am a doctor at the John Radcliffe Hospital and a researcher at Oxford University. My main academic interest is in how to best develop and test potential new medicines, focusing on when we first give them to humans. At the hospital, as well as looking after acutely un-well medical patients, I Chair our Medicines Management and Therapeutics Committee, helping decide what drugs are available to different patient groups. I will talk about my journey to this point, reflecting on the different paths I could have taken, key things I’ve learnt (and can hopefully impart) and opportunities I’ve had. I’m hopeful my slightly winding route through psychology, air ambulances, No. 10, Australia and major pharmaceutical companies will be of interest.         

Daniele Cotton 

I am currently a PhD student researching cancer and will be talking about the various decisions I made that lead me to where I am today.


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