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Present your research on innovations in surgery and therapeutic technology to an international audience of clinicians, scientists, industry and regulatory representatives. Learn about the latest developments in the scientific methodology for investigating surgery. And hear internationally renowned surgical researchers present their recent work.

IDEAL Collaboration square logoThe effective scientific evaluation of modern surgery and other invasive therapeutic interventions based on technology has become an increasingly important issue.

The first IDEAL international conference will celebrate five years of the IDEAL Collaboration, a network of surgeons, scientists, funders, regulators and publishers whose goal is to transform the methods we use to evaluate surgery, surgical technology and new complex therapies.  Plenary lectures by experts from the UK, USA, Australia, Europe and China will be intermixed with opportunities for surgeons and scientists to present their own innovative work. 

Registration is open with options for B&B accommodation and a conference banquet at St Catherine's College, Oxford

The conference will focus on:

  • How to evaluate surgical and other therapeutic technology appropriately. 
  • Examples of successful innovative therapeutic technology and its evaluation
  • Experience of using the IDEAL Recommendations to evaluate surgical technology
  • Industry perspectives on innovation and evaluation
  • Special focus on the evaluation of robotic surgery
  • How device regulation and technology purchasing can be evidence-based
  • Ethical considerations in surgical research

The Conference will be of interest to: surgical researchers and clinicians, the medical device and technology industry, health care regulators, medical research methodologists, surgical trainees, journal editors and peer reviewers, research funders, and professionals involved in decisions around payment and coverage for treatment.

For further information contact