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Research, Regulation, and Reimbursement in Surgery and Technologies

Promoting innovation and evaluation in modern surgery and other invasive technologies including implants is one of the main challenges in healthcare. IDEAL is a development of Evidence Based Medicine approach designed to provide practical solutions to the real problems of surgery, devices and other complex therapies where randomised trials are often problematic.

The second IDEAL international conference will focus on the hottest topics in surgical/interventional care in various clinical areas and celebrate the continuing work of the IDEAL Collaboration. The conference will provide real-world context and a wide variety of perspectives including surgeons, methodologists, professional societies, industry, regulators, ethicists, and payers. Plenary lectures will be intermixed with parallel educational sessions and opportunities for surgeons and scientists to discuss hot topics in surgery, devices and present their own innovative work.

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Now available: IDEAL Agenda 1 26_NYC


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Will open soon. Abstracts should be prepared with reference to the IDEAL stage which applies to the study, including a short discussion of future study directions within the IDEAL framework (see background readings). Abstracts will be accepted in a wide variety of clinical areas, including but not limited to urology, orthopaedics, vascular surgery, abdominal surgery, and cardiothoracic surgery.