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NDS is delighted to announce that as part of our wellbeing program we are running a series of events to celebrate ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’

Our aim is to make a real impact in raising awareness of mental health issues in the workplace as well as opening a conversation on the subject to make our colleagues aware that their mental health is important, as well as equipping you with ways to manage and prevent mental ill health in the workplace.

Based around the Universities Five-A-Day Stress Prevention principles

There are five important groups of behaviours that research suggests help us to maintain our general mental health and wellbeing – for the week beginning 8th May there will be a series of events celebrating each principle for NDS staff.



Monday 8th May

Keep learning

Introduction to British Sign Language
Presenters: Helen Young and Deborah Popham (AAD, Disability Advisory Service)

Learn some basic British Sign Language (BSL) signs, including finger-spelling the alphabet, basic questions and greetings. There will also be reference to the importance of facial expression, gesture and environmental considerations which might best support communication with BSL users.

10.00 am – 11.30 am : NDS L6 Seminar Room
Spaces limited to 20 – Tickets are first come first served – Sign up here: [link]

Tuesday 9th May

Connect with the people around you

“Looking beyond the label: Mental ill-health at work”
Presenters: Verity Westgate (NDCN) and Dan Holloway (LLP)

This 70min workshop explores the experience of working at the University while living with a mental health condition, and examines elements of best practise for making the workplace an inclusive environment for those affected by Mental ill-health.

NDS will combine with RDM and NDCN to take part in a workshop to open a valuable dialogue about de-mystifying and improving mental health in the workplace. Refreshments will be provided.

Spaces limited to 100 – Tickets are first come first served – Sign up here: [link]

Wednesday 10th May

Be active and healthy

NDS Sports day
After the success of February’s ‘Get Active for Mental Health’ day – we will be having another day of sports and health, to better improve our mental and physical health.
Activities will include:

Yoga at work with Louise King – JR and Botnar
Table tennis tournaments at all of the locations around the department.
Lunchtime walk with Lisa Hughes
Boxing taster session (TBC)

If anyone would like to propose an activity please get in touch!

Thursday 11th May

Take notice

Mindfulness introduction and taster session
Presenter: Dr. Ruth Collins.

Session will provide a brief overview of mindfulness and explore how adopting a regular practise can reduce stress and promote a sense of vitality and wellbeing, as well as a hands on core mindfulness practise including mindful breathing and movement.

2pm – 3pm : Ludwig Seminar room, ORCRB
Spaces limited to 50 – Tickets are first come first served – Sign up here: [link]

Friday 12th May

Volunteer your time

Volunteer taster session
Half day’s conservation work with Oxford Conservation Volunteers 

Volunteering has proven health benefits, and can greatly improve your sense of self worth and general mental health. It also connects you to your community and the people around you. To celebrate the importance of volunteering NDS will arrange an afternoons activity with OCV, undertaking vital conservation work which we invite you to take part in. As a one off-those attending will not need to take this as annual leave. End your week on a high in the great outdoors!

Event subject to interest – please register your interest by following this link (you are 3 clicks away!): [doodle link]