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The Oxford Biodesign Workshop provides a unique opportunity to learn about different approaches to BioDesign across Europe and in-depth insights in to the Oxford Programme.

The Oxford Biodesign Programme teaches the Biodesign Process – a systematic and proven approach to clinical needs finding and creatively inventing new biomedical technologies that take into account the important stakeholders of current healthcare settings, with a particular focus on digital health.
Rather than providing a theoretical lecture series, Oxford Biodesign is delivered by an interactive hands-on approach to provide entrepreneurial participants with experience in the wide spectrum of skills needed as a medical innovator: analyzing important unmet medical needs by directly observing clinical practice, designing and IP protecting innovative solutions that address these needs, and translating the most promising concept into actual patient care.
The Fellowship programme at Oxford will be recruiting at the beginning of April. This workshop provides a great opportunity to experience the Biodesign process for those who are interested in it.