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Matt Marsh, Creative Director at Firsthand Experience, will be giving a presentation on: 'Getting It Right for the End User - How a human centric approach can be used to mitigate development risk in healthcare product and service innovation'.

Matt MarshMatt is an expert at providing innovation teams with the missing customer perspective that helps correctly link new forms of product and service to successful commercialisation.

He is Creative Director at Firsthand Experience, a visiting professor at Ravensbourne University in London, and serves on the Professional Affairs Board of the Institute for Human Factors and Ergonomics.

Prior to setting up Firsthand Experience in 2002, Matt was studio leader and then marketing director at IDEO, and then served as an innovation envoy at the Design Council. With a wide range of experience in many fields including transportation, healthcare, government, technology and telecommunication sectors, Matt has created award-winning customer centred services, products, software, systems and environments.

Matt's clients include: Novartis, NHS, Medtronic, Advanced Tissue Sciences, Eli Lilly, Amgen Inc, Samsung, BBC, BMW, Innovate UK, Channel 4, CAF Bank, Maverick TV, Pfizer.


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